Saturday, March 27, 2010

Some runway pics, and random other stuff

I went to the show tonight as a spectator and had a lot of fun! Some times I feel like ... when did I become the cool kid? I feel like everyone knows me and it's neat. I was never super popular so it seems a bit surreal. I'm not complaining, nor am I bragging, I simply find it flattering and some what baffling when people make such a fuss over me. I'm not used to it- and I definitely still struggle with lots (you who read the blog may have noticed) and I am still definitely still a bartender ... oh so fancy. Its good. Still having a real job to pay my Real bills keeps my grounded....not that I wouldn't mind being a full time designer someday, I'm just not there yet.

These are some of the photos from the show. They're the first I've seen so I posted them for those of you that missed the it. I'm sure some more good ones will surface, and I'll probably post those too. I'll also post the creatives I do with my photographer friends... yay pictures! sorry they're lined up so wonky- I tried to put them side by side but they sorta went all turrets on me. I'm still figuring out this upload pictures thing. Oh computers...magical boxes that make stuff happen, how you puzzle me,, anyways...I'm getting better.

Katia and Mandy my bodacious girlfriends wore a couple of my looks to the show tonight-just as spectators. It was so fun! Me and Geoff dressed up too. We all felt so fancy! Katia is such a good sport- she wore my look right off the runway hat and all! She looked awesome, I can't wait to post those pics. I also lent a dress to Jessica Mclaren tonight- she's the official photographer and her and her husband are responsible for turning the beautiful historical building (the bank of Nova Scotia on Stevens ave) into an incredible restaurant and fashion week venue. She's going to buy the dress and wear it to her wedding reception. It's the last pic I posted, the full skirt white dress with the chandelier silk screen print. I'm so flattered- she's going to look incredible. I'm also going to make hats for her 6 bridesmaids...they're going to look so couture, I'm thrilled!!!!! More hats!! I love pretty girls in pretty hats. They make the world go round.


  1. There are a few more pics up on the AFW Facebook page!

  2. Kyle you did a excellent job, I love it.

    here your way!/photo.php?pid=3753366&id=111787383322