Monday, March 22, 2010

soar. oh so soar

It has been brought to my attention that I am hideously out of shape. We did the film at the Banff center on the weekend and I think it's going to be awesome!! very Moulin Rouge meets... homo. I'm the homo. Anyways the main seen is one where the audience watches me perform an 'spectacular hula hoop act' on stage. Meanwhile there's other drama, yada yada, basically every take from every angle, every time an actor did something wrong or different, every time the director changed her mind- I got to hula hoop, again and again and again because I was the background performance shot.

I'm not complaining about the organization- this is the nature of film, and it always takes a while to get things right.... I was just so SO tired by the end of filming that day, and have decided that I am in fact very out of shape. and I'm very soar today. I think I lost 5 pounds in a hot costume under the stage lights hula hooping though.

We did have a lovely time. Geoff was there only for the first day of filming. We went out for a really nice dinner Friday night at the 3 Ravens lounge at the Banff center. I ate duck, hmmm delicious duck. Banff is so beautiful, we stayed at the Banff center too, which was so nice. I would love to do a residency there, or a work study or something.

I went looking for one of the props I lent on Sunday morning and found the unlocked costume room by accident....i had to go in. They were making these crazy wonder woman looking costumes with epic cone boobs. I had such a hayday looking at how everything was made, it was so neat! I would love LOVE love to work there. I got caught by the janitor though.... I was sneaking through and she kicked me out...

Today is Monday and I only have a few days to organize everything for the show. I feel tired of all this. It's kinda dragged out. First show, film, second show, collapse. This is the natural order of things

i want to make hats this week...big hats.

I am showing at the Banke Friday night so get your tickets everyone!!


  1. Kyle, you're soaring, even if you're sore! The film sounds amazing. Can't wait for your show on Friday evening. Last night was fabulous: hundreds of beautiful people, lots of media/photographers, gorgeous clothes (especially from Lael Osness), free wine and an all-round awesome start to Fashion Week. Hang in there! JD :-)

  2. I also did not know hula hooping could be such a work out, have you noticed you have actual muscles that specificaly hurt, I call them my hula hoopers. (I spent too much time on the wii)Alanna