Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I have a life again!

Hurray! I went on a lunch date with Jen on Monday, and a photoshoot with Noah and Jen yesterday, and today breakfast with Katia, and yoga and lunch with Preston! I've had to catch up.... I haven't seen anyone in weeks it feels like. I know I know....there's still stuff to do before fashion week..I have to fix that stupid zipper... and make hats. I made one for the photoshoot and it worked out pretty well, I'm excited to try and make more. I was going to make that coat for the show for myself to wear, but I'm not sure if there will be time

I'm styling a film this weekend at the Banff Center. I'm excited, I think it'll be really fun. Everything is pretty much decided upon, I've had some say in the process, but haven't had very much time to go look at costumes with the director Danielle French. I'm sure it'll all come together. I'm also hula hooping in the film!

I'm famous

Well, maybe not famous, but kinda. I'm working on it. This should be a lot of fun. Geoff and I are driving up on friday and I'll be coming back Sunday morning, Geoff is going to leave Saturday night. I'm also going to go see Ronnie Burkett on Sunday afternoon! He is a puppeteer, - - and is possibly a genius

I went to see one of his shows last year. He makes the sets, and the puppets himself and also is the puppeteer doing the show AND he writes the scripts. I thought it would probably be a good spectacle last time, not necessarily a good story line. Turns out it was one of the most profound pieces of Theater I've ever seen. SPECtacular. Moving, innovative, and it was beautiful. The puppets and set were incredible. If you ever get a chance to see him I highly recommend it. It was 1000 times better than anything I expected, and probably the best piece of theater I've ever seen.

It makes you feel like your crazy when you're crying over the well being of a puppet. Just throwing that out there. crazy.

It's been so nice to just go to work and spend my days (well, two) hanging out with friends. I know I have to start preparing for the grind again though... I have a film this weekend and the fashion week the following. I'll just ignore it....and eat pancakes.

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