Saturday, March 13, 2010


I just wrote a long descriptive blog about the show, and then accidentally closed the window... and I'm too tired to write another one tonight.... a special thank you to Judith Dutton. She put together two dresses and a skirt for me and saved my life. Also thank you to Andrea Strand and Katia Asomaning for sewing petticoats. Lots and lots of work goes into those silly things that no one really sees them, but I appreciate it so much. Not to mention all three of you helped conceptually and with all your advice I think the collection was cohesive and strong.

I need to sleep. Love you all. Kyle out.

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  1. You are more than welcome, Kyle! It was a pleasure, both to be sewing and to contribute to your success. I'm so glad it went well. Now comes the big one: your show at Alberta Fashion Week next Friday evening. Can't wait to see your creations on real models! (And Katia's right -- you need a new, proper dress form.) JD :-)