Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good day.

I had a good day today. Yesterday was good too, it just didn't feel like it at the time. I put Andrea in the purple dress to see how it looked and the zipper broke, there was a flaw in the teeth. It was a bitch to stitch rip the whole thing out and do it again but the silver lining is, at least it happened yesterday and not on the day of the show.

I hate zippers. I've mentioned this before I realize, but I would just like to reiterate how much I hate them. Its so difficult to do it perfectly. Even the best zipper I've ever put in still wasn't perfect. It's so frustrating. The next time you zip up your jacket take a special moment to appreciate the agile five year old hands of that Somalian child who put the zipper in perfectly.

As of today I have one whole dress to make from start to finish and a body suit and I'm done. I have tomorrow and Friday off work, and the show is Saturday so I think I can do it. I think I can I think I can. I hated that train...so repetitive.

I have no idea what this green dress is going to look like. I just know I have to use this specific fabric again...we'll see what I come up with tomorrow.

This is a random aside, but I just got tipped $10 on a $230 bill. I'm at the hotel bar I work in right now. What the hell is wrong with people?. What is that...5 percent? ish. People suck. All it would take is one week of that guy working in the industry to leave a 20 percent tip. I know I'm a better tipper now than I was before because I know how hard servers work. I was so attentive... even though I'm blogging.... i really was. Oh well, whatever.

what will i buy with my $10? maybe a new hat. or t-shirt that says 'I served these bastards all night and all I got was this lously t-shirt.


  1. Actually, it's 4.3%. Cheap S.O.B. Even if you'd given him crummy service, that's a real insult. One day, when you're a well-known fashion designer, you can tell the story and laugh about it. JD :-)

  2. whoa babe you are doing so well on time. Once you get through this last outfit you will be smooth sailing, YOu can give me the body suit to use on my serger machine if you like, its a one tick deal, sews and serges, perfect for stretch materials, I was surprised at how fast I made a pair of leggings. Now mind you, that its not so great when you make things to small.... that it can't fix...
    anyhow.. after you get this done, you will have so much time till the show to get things in order and the occasional escape to the gym.