Friday, March 12, 2010


Well, the first show is tomorrow and I'm really really excited. I'm not done, of course, but I'm close. We have to set up Kenzie's boudoir today. We're going to use my wing back chair, lots of pink fabric, glass wears, old books and a gorgeous chandelier that Peridot the interior design store kindly lent us. I think it's going to be epic. The mop dress is adorable and I'll post pictures of it after the show (I haven't posted anything in an attempt to be secretive, is it working?)

I know, everyone's anticipation is building so much you might all explode and I apologize. You'll just have to wait. I've come to the conclusion that a couple of my looks don't really go. Obviously I won't change it for the show tomorrow, but I can revamp for fashion week! this is like a big crazy trial run. I'm pretty excited about the pieces that don't exist yet..... why do I make more work for myself. I could have just ate bon bon's and relaxed for the next two weeks, but no, I have do continue to sew my face off. I'm crazy. I want to make myself a coat as well.... I love this red coat that I posted. I think I could make a version of it for myself and it would be very flattering. I had a long disscusion with my boss at current (who has a degree in pattern making) on how to do the vertical side pocket flaps. There is no seem where they're inserted so it's going to be tricky...I've never done anything like that before.

I'm going to finish two dresses today and hopefully make a couple of hats. That's my goal. I wish I was a power ranger. Go go power rangers! They could do anything. I had a crush on the pink ranger...but a secret crush on the green ranger. He was hot. Who says the pink ranger had to be a girl, and the blue a boy? stupid color/gender stereotyping.

I loved pink when I was a kid. I never got what I wanted. Now that I'm a big boy I get all the things I like- my pretty princess bed and lots of pink ties, and a doll house! (well, I don't actually have a doll house, but I could, if I wanted one). Ha Ha! take that parents. . . . how did they not know.....


  1. LOVE the red jacket! And pink shirts & ties are everywhere, so go shopping!
    JD :-)

  2. Hey hunnie, the pockets that you want to create on the jacket are called vertical welt pockets with a flap substitution. They're super easy and if I can do it so can you! :) looking forward to seeing the jacket on you! :D