Thursday, March 11, 2010

3 days

3 days until the show. Jesus.

Today I made a body suit, a petticoat (actually Katia made it, she helped me for a couple hours) and about 1/3 a green dress which I think will be quite pretty. All of the finishing is pretty much done, except for the hem on the purple dress.

Everything is going pretty well. I'm close now. It'll probably still be a couple of very late nights but I'm so close. I bought groceries and cooked tonight! It was delightful. I made balsamic pear chicken with dried cherries. mmm. It was so nice not to eat either a can of soup or pizza. I hope this stuff goes over well, I'm getting nervous. I sometimes wonder if I'm any good at this or if everyone is just mistaken.

I wanted to make hats for this collection, in fact, the whole collection was kinda inspired by these mythical hats that don't exist because I haven't created them yet. I wanted to get some stuff called buckram that my friend told me about. Its bendy mesh basically that you can shape into what you want. Apparently you can't buy it in the city. I bought some online tonight. 5 meters with shipping was $77. sweet Jesus. The hats better make themselves for that price. I'm so crazy. Why do I do this again? I should become a traveling acrobat.

I bet it pays better.

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