Monday, October 18, 2010

um this is funny

This post is going to be random funny and or awesome things.
and this

SWEET jesus. I should recruit these guys for my book. I thought I was gay ... and then I saw these. and my life changed forever. these guys make me look like a trucker named earl.

This is the other thing that I wanted to post today...incredible. The attention to detail is unreal. I'm gonna admit I cried a little when the grey haired woman steps out onto the runway, it was so beautiful and unexpected! There is something about Guo Pei's work that makes me life can be surreal. The blue dress that I posted a picture of is actually my favorite, and it's all because of the way the model stands at the end on the runway. Look at the line she creates with her body....she's a masterpeice

I was doing research because my friend is having a asian inspired party and i told her i would make her a dress as a birthday gift. unless someone can lend me 300 Chinese children for the week I won't be able to make one of these for her though...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back on Track

SOOOooooo it's been a while, how are you my blog following friends? good? excellent. I am also good. Contrary to my last blog that delineated all the drama of the past few months. If you're unaware, let me get you up to speed.

I am now the visual presentation peron at the Bay! yay. I dress all the manikins and its a crazy lot of work but its super fun and its pretty good hours (I'm starting to get used to getting up at 5:30) Although I find myself going to bed at 10 on weekends now because I'm so freakin tired by that time due to my work schedule. Anyways all is well. I think they really like me and it's very creative which I think will be good for my personal practice.

That's enough about boring Bay stuff. I've decided to write a little book! I know you're all thrilled. It is going to be 'things every gay man should know' or something to that effect. My buddy Preston got a book at chapters called 'Things every man should know' and it's really cute. it teaches you how to change a tire, tie a tie, hmm, i can't remember all the things, but it's cool. As we were flipping through it I just kept thinking how funny it would be to make one for a gay man, because it would be totally different.

Here are some of my ideas.

1) How to cabaret
2) advice on male skincare
3) Dressing appropriately flamboyant for every occasion
4) Tweesing your brows
5) Man-scaping (like landscaping but for homo hair)
6) Cruising
7) A short concise history of Bet, Barbara, Liza, and Judy- just to throw around at parties
8) Arranging flowers
9) The drag wig that will best suit your face shape

Thats all i can think of right now, I'm sure that there are many many more. I know its clique but it would be really funny. And I probably won't know about all the thinks on my list so I'll have to do research too. It'll help me be a more stereotypical character of a gay man, lol

What are some other ideas guys??? post your ideas!!!