Sunday, March 14, 2010


Okay, so yesterday was really fun, everything turned out really well. I was there from 12pm until 11:30 pm so it was a really really long day. The venue was beautiful-however-it was in Narnia (very very far in the NE, through a secret passage, guarded by a Spinx,) but I found it.

Everyone got a kick about the mop dress, and thought it was awesome. Most people didn't realize it was made out of mops, but when they did they were really impressed. Conceptually I thought Kenzie and my installation was the strongest. We built a really cool looking space for her to reside in during the show. We even borrowed a chandelier from an interior design store that got hung above her. I'll post pictures of that very soon. I'm not going to post any pictures of the garments until Alberta Fashion Week is over. I am showing my collection on March 26th btw. Its a Friday.

So, everyone looked great in the clothes. I think the models really liked the stuff. The audience seemed to respond well too. I got a lot of positive feed back. There are some tweaks that need to be made, but its no bid deal. There are two outfits that I was going to eliminate because I wasn't sure if they went, but everyone thought they went really well, so I'm going to leave them in. I think the show needs another full length dress.....which is lots of work, but I'm going to consider making one for Alberta Fashion week.

Just before the models went onstage I had a zipped bust in my full length lace gown. I had to sew the model in, and was seriously just tying the knot and the girl was like '3 seconds' and I JUST got it tied in the nick of time before she stepped on the runway. . . I'm hyperventilating as I recount this for you... jesus. But it didn't bust on stage so thank god. .

My house is a disaster from that final push over the last few days. It seems I've built a nest out of scraps in the living room. Maybe I should lay some eggs to make use of it. . . . or just clean it up.

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