Thursday, March 18, 2010

I couldn't help myself.... here's a sneak peek of the photoshoot I did with Noah on Tuesday. Nothing is photoshpped or anything yet but I think they're going to be pretty good. This is also one of the pieces I'll be showing at fashion week.

Anywho, I'm driving to Banff tomorrow to do this film and I feel completely unprepared.... if you're in the film.... don't worry, I'll get it together. I just haven't had time to get everything organized. It'll be fine, I have today and tomorrow off so I can get everything ready. The film is really neat. It's an abstract dream sequence of the main character. Every character in the dream is an aspect of her psyche, and every character is based on a Tarot card. Geoffrey my partner is in the film, playing the Devil (quite fitting;) and I am Hula hooping in the film... I think I'm the world... I'm not sure actually....better figure that out. Anyways, I get to organize all the costumes and style the film! and I'm even getting paid a little! yay! I would have done it for free (shhh don't tell) I just like to make art

That brings me to my next point... I need to learn how to make money. I should hire a business partner who isn't an artist. I get really caught up in the creation and the process. I never really think about the 'who will buy this' aspect. I just like to make stuff.. and then if I sell it its exciting. Maybe I should focus some energy on the selling of my work. Last night I showed a gentleman at the bar a photo of one of my paintings that I had taken with my Iphone. He commissioned me on the spot to make him a painting! and he said I should make limited edition prints and sell them and .. oh I dunno, he said a lot of things...about making money.

I got confused and started thinking about the painting I would make for him... anyways. yay a painting. A commission is making money, look at how business savvy I am! I'm pretty much Donald Trump

I was being sarcastic obviously, ironically Donald and I have the same birthday. how about that?


  1. This is torture! The picture is so small & blurry that I can't see a thing! It looks like she's wearing knee-high Ugg boots, or something equally ghastly. You need to spend some time with that gentleman; it sounds like he's a font of useful knowledge. JD :-)

  2. Hi Kyle,
    I absolutely love your rants, they make my day that much brighter. You are an amazing artist. I have seen your clothes on the runway and I am in awe of the raw talent. Being an artist myself, I can appreciate the fact that artists sometimes do not have the business sense to make money. But I can warn you about being too focused on the business and money aspect. I found that when I was focusing on money I did not produce quality peices. Your art must be amazing to have someone commission you right there on the spot. I am very excited for you and I hope you continue to make beautiful art. If you would ever like to do a photoshoot with me I would be so honoured! I love your work and I love your blog!
    <3 -Nicole Kim