Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well, I broke down. I opened the cupboard and there it was, shinning like a beacon of comfort food- Kraft dinner. I don't even know how it got in the house to be honest.... the neighbor gave us food when she moved away...that must be it. I haven't made myself a pot of Kraft dinner in probably a year. . . but there it was. All my troubles. All my cares. Melted away as I watched the tablespoon of butter ooze into the delicious pot of cheesy pasta. I added a can of Cambells tomato soup the way my mom used to. So Good. It also explains why I was such a fat child.

I decided that I deserve it. I've worked so hard. . and the show is tomorrow. I might have to let out my jacket since I've basically applyed the pasta directly to my obliques, but I don't care. Is it just me or does Kraft dinner cook faster than regular pasta. I never noticed that before...they make it so easy...tricky Kraft.

I have some anxiety about tomorrow. I haven't tried anything on the models. I hope to god I picked girls that will fit my stuff. There was no fitting, it's taken this long just to solidify everything and confirm the models in the first place. I'm scared. I'm nervous. I'm full of Kraft dinner.

I made 3 hats and am going to make one more. They're so pretty, I'm really happy with them. I used window screen and wire to achieve the look I wanted. My hands feel like I've been playing in barb wire but it was worth it. I borrowed shoes from Townshoes and jewelry from Beadles beads and jewelry. I was lining up my stuff to look at it about an hour ago and realized I was missing two pieces. I panicked. I searched found them after about a half hour of looking but it was a half hour of terror. With photoshoots and running around picking stuff up, borrowing stuff, I was so scared I left them somewhere. Thankfully everything is present and ready for tomorrow.

They used my image for all the publications. I wasn't sure if you noticed- but its pretty exciting. They're posted all around the city. That was the big secret news that I posted a few blogs ago. I knew they were going to before I was allowed to tell anyone. I'm sorta famous. just sorta. just this week.

I should probably wear a big hat. or a spandex unitard. I have a couple....


  1. Oh Kyle, for goodness sake, lol, you were never a fat child, not even remotely chubby.... your Mom used to take you into the shop I worked at (MN) and I know you were very slim and, always *extremely* quiet.... (not sure what happened to you, LOL!!! But I am glad to see that you are not afraid to live life to the fullest, Kyle.)

    I prefer to make KD by stirring in one can of cream of mushroom soup (forgoing the butter and milk altogether) and also stirring in a grand dollop or two of ketchup, so I am sure that your Mom was on to something... I shall try it with tomato soup next time I make it.

    Sometimes I take the lazy person's way out and make it via using only 'cheez whiz' (generic will do in a pinch ;)) and again omitting the milk and butter (cough cough, margarine I mean) - it all works.

    You don't need me to wish you good luck - you have the skill, the tenacity, and the *very* strong will to succeed - you can wear whatever the he11 you want and all will go just fine, sweetie. :)


  2. Awe, thanks so much Erin!!

  3. Oh I know you were a little portly but it was all the goodies Grandma sent on the bus ( I should know, you would share tee hee)

    It all worked out in the end though, those Karate classes whipped you into shape!

    I love you, and I hope the show is amazing- I've very sad I can't be there.

  4. ***SOOOOOO*** happy to hear the show was such a success!!W00t!!!!!! *So* proud of you! :) BTW, I DID make the KD today w/tomato soup, for lunch, and your Mom was right! Thanks for the KD tips, Kyle. ;) :)