Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yippee Dippee

Neither yippee nor dippee are words, and yet here we are. I went to art school, not word school.

I'm doing a creative with Noah! well, actually I'm going for coffee with Noah to discuss a creative. . . It just occurred to me that I'm not sure if I have any ideas *makes a puzzled face* I usually come up with something. I love working with Noah, it's so much fun- we really bounce off each other well when we're together. I want to spend some time and create something epic. Some really elaborate something. I love Beyonce's blue jacket in the lady gaga telephone video. Its so awesome, its got sequence and chains and sparkles. Everything a girl could want! I'm going to appropriate idea and mash it together with inspiration from Alexander McQueens ship wreck dress. . . so exciting. Lots of texture and color. (I realize Mcqueens dress is white, but my version shall be blue) Anyways I think it'll be blue. I haven't decided. Then we'll photograph it... somewhere fancy. I dunno where, that's Noah's department. I've uploaded a photo of the last creative Noah and I did together, as well as McQueens Shipwreck dress (I saw it at the Met in New York and bawled. amazing) Oh! and here's the link to gaga's video at about 8:15 you can see the Jacket I'm talking about. So cool. I know what your thinking- wheat the hell do those to pieces have to do with each other? Just you wait my pretties. It shall be done!

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