Friday, April 16, 2010


I totally am such a dork but I'm really excited about who I met last night. I'm trying really hard to be cool about it and not a stupid teenage girl, but I totally danced with this super hot guy named Reid and he plays Haley's boyfriend in the hit TV show Modern Families!!!! He came and asked me if I wanted to dance with him and while we were dancing I told him 'you look a lot like that guy from modern families' and he was like 'i am that guy from modern families' Turns out he's doing a movie here. He's 21 and from Florida originally. Sigh, he's soooooo hot. and we danced for a long time, and I got his phone number (I know I have a bf.... its just friendly. I swear. . . . well.....anyways) I love Modern Families I watch it every week, if you don't, you should, it's really funny. Reid's character and Haley's character are getting back together on the show so we'll be seeing more of him again. I'm not sure if I should have blogged this, I may have just outted him, but I figure since he was at the gay bar, he's not too concerned about being outted. I'm all twitter patted. It's a good thing I don't meet actors everyday, I'm totally in Lala land right now. You know what funny about that? I Totally never thought that meeting celebrities would affect me this way. I imagine myself working with the wordrobe department dressing Jennifer Aniston and Will Smith and being totally cool, and going for lattes with them after the shoot...... apparently it's a lot more exciting.....mind you I probably wouldn't dance at the gay bar with Jennifer or Will, ... so it probably would be less exciting.

That's all I have to say. Fashion is dead to me. I'm going to move away with Reid and become a famous Hollywood socialite. I'd better get my nose done.....

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  1. You are so crazy but OMG! He really is totally gorgeous. His mother must be so proud to show him off to her friends. Come back down to earth now, O.K.? JD ;-)