Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ready set go!

40 days starts today! (well, technically it starts tomorrow.) I thought it was today but today was just the meeting. I think that I will be able to attend every class. My schedule works into the yoga schedule fairly easily. The challenge will be to find the strength to go every day I think

I took my first hoop path class last night with Baxter and I am in love. I haven't felt this inspired to move in a long time. I've been feeling really jaded with hooping and this has opened up a whole new way of approaching hoop dance. and movement. and life. It was wonderful. That being said, I think my spine may fall off today. Wholly fuck am I soar, and I still have to more workshops, AND have to do yoga those days.

I better be the hottest mo-fo when I'm done. Or I suppose the hottest homo. Anyways, I am also thinking about doing the Gaymazing Race! It's like the amazing race, but gayer. Its a fundraiser for Calgary Pride. So far my team consists of me, and Katia. I don't think Geoff would be that into it, so we're going to need to find two more gays to complete our team of 4.

As far as fashion is concerned (ie the purpose of this blog) I was hired to style a photo shoot yesterday and it seems to have turned out really well. Noah Fallis and I teamed up and I created a look that was supposed to be urban punk.... but that wasn't very me, so I thought why not take it Urban punk- gone glam! Crazy I know. Well, maybe not that crazy, But I just felt typical urban punk is dead and I wanted to see something new, so- there you have it. punk with pearls and gloves. Fancy. I have photos but I don't know if I can post them.. I'll ask and post them in the next blog if possible. I need to officially shoot my look book from this most recent collection. better get on that.... so much to do with no real deadlines is a dangerous game. . . You know whats more fun than working? watching project runway. And drinking latte's. And blogging. look at this. INsane. 80 people 300-400 hours to finish and they cost the price of a modest british home

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