Sunday, February 28, 2010

good start...

Okay, I silk screen printer all day saturday and I think the dresses are going to be successful! I'm excited for this collection. My friend Judith is helping me sew (thank god!) So it'll make finishing it time a lot more....possible. I'm not sure it was before, it think it may be now.

This week will be spent hunched over the sewing machine like a gremlin. I haven't told you about my shows yet! Okay, the first one (the one that I'm struggling to finish for) is called 'In touch' and its a charity fund raiser for In From the Cold which is a charity that helps homeless families. There's a runway portion and an installation portion. The installation is a collaboration with an artist (I'm working with my friend Kenzie) and there are 5 artist/designer pairs creating installations through out the space. Kenzie and I are making an abstract boudoir. There will be flowers and fabric and antique bottles and other weird things. Kenzie and I don't even have to buy too much for it because we're both pack rats and have lots of things that will work. We're making her a gown out of mops. Yep that's right, mops! I'm not sure how just yet, but I think it'll be pretty cool. I've had this idea for a long time but haven't had a reason to make it. This seems perfect, I thought it would be kinda an interesting play on classism to make an aristocratic garment out of mops- kind of tongue in cheek. She's going to wear the mops dress and encourage people to leave there dirty secrets in her box (she's making a beautiful box to hold the secrets) At the end of the event we're going to auction off the box for charity. I hope people leave secrets....maybe I'll just fill the box with my own. I have a few....although I'm not very secretive. Anyways, I think it should be a good show. They've dropped ticket prices to $85 from $125. It's a lot of money, but its catered, and its for charity, so I hope people come.

Now on to more important things. Why didn't Celine Dion sing at the Olympics? I mean, I'm not the Biggest celine fan, I stopped liking her when I was 14 in the 90's like everyone else, but still, she is CELINE arguably the most famous Canadian singer. Neither her nor Shania Twain sang. Although Shania has been mostly retired for a while, Celine is still singing in her palace in vegas, so what the hell? no national pride. grr. I will say, the olympics really got to me. I'm not really a sporty person, and in truth wasnt overly excited about the whole thing, but after our country won 14 gold metals, the most in history for one country....that felt pretty friggin awesome. and what about that figure skater who's mom suddenly died,- and then she went on to win the bronze, after having to skate less than 72 hours after her mothers death?!

I also suddenly lost my mother last year, I can't imagine IMAGINE what that girl went through to do what she did. The heart. I was debilitated when my mom died. I still randomly burst out crying and its been a year and a half. To win an Olympic metal....makes me so proud of her...of us. We can do anything! yeah! I'm such a geek. forgive me.


  1. definitely put up shots of the your designs and the final product! i would love to get a glimpse of what you contribute to the fashion world! :)

  2. oh my god I would cease to function if my mom died. they say that's what got to mcqueen, hey? so sad. all around. *tears for everyone's mothers.*

    I'm glad things are looking up on the finishing things front tho! thats a wicked tongue-in-cheek idea... I love when fashion has an undertone or a hidden message. You are a true artist.

    I definitely went out to watch the game today (even though I don't like hockey) just because I wanted to get into the spirit of camaraderie.

  3. You are so cute!! I love it. I am so excited to see your collection.

    You are amazing and function so well after the lose of your mom, thanks for sharing it with the world.

    And yes Go Canada. We not only one the most metals ever for Canada, but the most gold metals of any country ever in the winter olympics.