Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Purple Dress

Purple dress oh purple dress, how you are so very purple. ALL who wear you shall resemble grapes, and in turn fashion makes. Oh purple dress oh purple dress I have now run out of purple fabric...

I went to Chintz and company to buy more of this crazy purple fabric. It's so pretty, it kinda has a blueish shine. Anyways, anyways, I went there and they were all out. But I thought, hey no big deal, just order some from another store. (I know the system there because I worked there one summer...albeit briefly. I hated working there. Smile, cut fabric, smile, do nothing, slit your wrists.) Anyways when we looked in the extensive catalog of swatches to find the damn stuff it didn't even seem to exist. We searched and searched and found something similar (for $30 a meter as opposed to $15) but its still not the same, and freakin expensive. Anyways, I'm not sure if i have enough fabric to make this purple dress. I'm going to try and do it with what I've got. I may be doomed. Maybe the dress could be completely backless! like no back at all...like a paper dress you lie flat on paper dolls. I'll do that with the model. 'Hold still while I attach this lovely dress front. What to you mean you're not wearing panties? we're screwed."

Remember paper dolls. SO fun. not that I played with dolls..*shifty eyes* only action figures. which ones you ask? uh..um..captain...interior design man... and Stiletto lantern. Yes, they're real, just unpopular.

Okay, today I'm going to make the entire purple dress, as of this week I have to make three looks. that's looks, not pieces, a week. I'm so screwed. No wait! I can do it, positive positive positive. What would Captain Interior Design Man do?! PREVAIL!

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