Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's a new day

Okay, so officially this is the last day to sew this week, I work all day tomorrow and Friday Geoff and I leave for Invermere where I shall go to the hot springs and spa and get tones of pampering. Its not the best timing, but its all booked so whatever, I just need to be resolved with going, not stress about the collection and really time manage when i get back. I had a good talk about the creative process with my friend Jen yesterday and how you're more successful when there are 15 ideas in your head and you sort of act on all of them at once and there overlaps become the successful pieces you create. It's so true. Having one idea and moving from point A to B from the single idea- to manifestation- is never very successful, i find anyways. Without the wealth of ideas (and the struggle to work through them on your path) Things tend to fall flat. It's good to struggle. .. . i think it means you're on to something... i hope. Anyways, i bought more fabric yesterday and it has inspired me to continue. I find so much inspiration in just fabric itself. Fabric can tell you what to do. I find I can have no ideas at all, none what so ever, then I'll find a specific fabric that is just screaming at me "I need to become a fabulous one shoulder gown with sequence and feathers and platform stilettos!!!! right now bitch." and then i have an idea... the fabric told me what to do.

Sometimes the fabric asks me to make it into something that I have no idea how to put together constructional wise. Thats the challenge I suppose. How the fuck do i make this thing in my head into a beautifully tailored lined garment with a zipper so that you can get it on. I hate closures, incidentally. Fuck. Zippers. I'm getting betting at putting them in but it sure took a while. I should just make ponchos. many ponchos. I shall sell them with complimentary salsa, they will be a huge success. Everyone likes to say salsa. Salsa!

You may have guessed that I am procrastinating. I am very versed in procrastination techniques. I find the most amazing excuses as to why I should go shopping, have endless coffee dates with friends, lie around the house blogging.....but isn't blogging important?! I need to inspire others. Reassure them that they're not the only ones going through creative ups and downs. That we can persevere together!!

see I told you I was good at procrastinating. Doesn't that all sound very valid? imperative almost. Okay, to work!!! I shall sew a blouse before work. I have two hours. GO!

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