Tuesday, February 16, 2010

still fustrated

Well, I stayed up until 3 last night again. I worked all day yesterday, but produced very little. I did lots of draping. That seemed to help a bit I came up with some new ideas to help tie some elements together. Normally what I do is drap and then take photos so that I can reference them later. I do draw, but I get more inspired by the materials and how they will hang on the body, then by my own 2D drawings.

Does anyone read these? On day when I'm famous, everybody will want to read them I'm sure. I took several breaks to watch Mad Men last night, which I realize isn't sewing, but hey, its a good show. I've started on my 4th piece. 4 of 10. 4 weeks. I can do it. I just have to focus, and stay calm. Yes, calm. calm calm calm. Panic! no wait, calm.

In my experience, pieces I've really really loved, I've hated at some point in the process. and that's very true. Things that came very easily were often less successful in the end. Resolved, but not amazing- contrived at best. This is my chance to create something really really incredible. and I know this because I'm so worried about everything and pretty much hate it all right now.


  1. but just think of the fabulous future facebook profile pictures!! and dont forget that youre pretty!! VERY pretty! do we get any sneek peeks?

  2. Kyle, do you mean FRUSTRATED or are you being so fussy that you are saying FUSStrated? That's not a real word, but it would be amusing and descriptive. Blog on! Judith (Davesmom)

  3. Sadly Judith, I was not being clever, I just can't spell. As mentioned in my very first blog, if it weren't for spell check you may thing English was my second language. Maybe I should just start telling people it is. I speak fluent Finish

  4. I adore this blog! I just wish you were on Livejournal so I could friend you!


  5. awe, Hi Charlie. You can be my friend anyways.