Monday, February 15, 2010

The first of many entries, presumable.

Let me first start be saying, I love spell check. Did our generation ever learn how to spell anything?. Maybe we did, and I just wasn't listening. I was probably doodling a dress with poofy sleeves on the side of my English homework.

I did that once, in grade five. I drew a pretty girl in a dress with poofy sleeves like Cinderellas. A boy named Devin made fun of me forever, said it looked like she had great big tits (which it did, but that was never my intention) To counter act that drawing, I decided it would be more masculine to draw a scull and cross bones like on a pirates hat. The girl who sat in front of me, Sarah, pointed out that the bones were supposed to be under the scull, and that skulls weren't shaped like potatoes. I failed at being a boy before I even began, but, i digress, this blog is supposed to be about fashion

I am a fashion designer/bartender/sales clerk at a mediocre woman's clothing store. I have a degree in textiles from a fairly reputable school, and a lot of passion for art. It started at a very early age. I always loved clothes. I loved woman in clothes. Not like that you perverts, I loved how beautiful they looked, so inspiring like moving art. My mom, like every good gay boy, I suppose, was my hero. She was really really pretty. She was also disabled. She had an accident before I was born that left her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. The only thing she ever felt like she had to fall back on was her beauty, and me- not necessarily in that order....although sometimes... anyways.

I find myself in a bit of limbo at present. I have received relative local success, not that I'm making much money, but people seem to know who I am at least. I am currently designing a collection for two shows in March (which is terrifyingly close) The first is a charity event for in from the cold...I'm not getting paid anything, but I'm not paying to be a part of it either, - and it is for charity. The other is Alberta fashion week, whom have sponsored me, I assume because they liked my last collection (the first one I've ever done) so much.

Its not coming along very well. I've made one beautiful lapse in judgment that has already sold. I say that because it is not at all like anything I've ever made before, and although lovely, I have found it very difficult to conceptualize a collection based on this piece alone. I've just discovered the joy of painting on fabric with fabric paint, and happen to be quite an excellent painter (if i do say so myself) So I thought that drawing on garments would be lovely. I made a pink silk dress based on a 50's Vouge pattern. I left off the dated sleeves (after foolishly making them of course)and removed an unsightly center seem from the front bodice. I shortened it to just above the knee and it was still pretty plain, so i thought why not paint on it? I've had this ides of painting carousel horses for a while now, and so I painted them in an elaborate formation with roses and other pretty filler alone the bottom of the dress. I was unsure at first, but the more i painted the prettier it got! So I kept going and going until it occurred to me that I had made a beautiful work of art! -that is for a five year old girl.

What the fuck was i thinking? pink satin, puffy skirt, and carousel horses? that is the definition of the perfect little girl dress. I have one month less two days to make an entire collection. At present I have one beautiful dress that has nothing to do with me as a designer. a purple skirt, that I like. and a lovely pink monstrosity that will cost a zillion dollars if someone actually wanted to buy it because it has a 10 hour painting of horses on it. practical. To make matters worse, I fully planned on painting on most of my collection, so I kept my designs simple. Now I have to rethink everything. Should I just go with it and see what happens...give the model some sexy shoes and hope that they negate what she's actually wearing? God I have no idea. Wish me luck.

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