Wednesday, February 24, 2010

okay, calm

Yesterday was productive. sorta. I made half a purple dress. Today I shall make the rest of it....and three more dresses. It's good to set realistic goals. In addition to making 3 and a half dresses I shall also build a bridge, and learn a foreign language. Realistic goals realistic goals

I was thinking about getting the word 'focus' tattooed on the inside of my wrist. Seriously, with pretty writing. . . maybe it'll help me ...well, focus.

I went to yoga today. I know what you're all thinking, 'what?! you're so busy and you still went to yoga?" and I know it seems foolish, but I'm much more productive when I do yoga. If I don't my spine gets all curled at my sewing machine for days and I look like a colossal raptor. It's not pretty. Being 6'2' isn't all its cracked up to be. Its a slippery slope towards a hunchback and pants that are way to short if I'm not careful. We tall people have such a hard time finding pants, but I digress, back to sewing.

You know what sucks? when you cut yourself with your rotary cutter and think 'ouchy' and then do nothing and keep working....moments later your puzzled by the fact that all your fabric is covered in red and you turn your hand over to discover that the tiniest nic is gushing all over everything and in your haste to stop the bleeding from ruining your fabric you cut yourself again. I experienced this yesterday.

luckily it was purple taffeta. Not white silk. I'll just rub it in. Blood dries kinda purple right?



  1. Every post just keeps getting better & better! Amusing, totally real and sometimes even insightful. Blog on! JD :-)

  2. did you mean velociraptor? I think I like collossal raptor better... lmao...

    So people are saying I should show my pret-a-porter at edmonton fashion week. And I'm like "I have no CLUE how to do a show and I have no website, damn I don't even have business cards yet, I just have 4 giant boxes of product, is it worth it?" But it's only $200 for emerging designers and seems like an awful lot of free press... Do you think it's worth it?

  3. Its more than $200, its $800 this time. it was two last time. They sponsored me, that's the only way I was able to afford it. For $800 i would way its not worth it

  4. Really? the lit on the edmonton site still says $200. shit i better call. it seems like a positive learning experience... but stressful. aggh. You are doing alberta fashion week yes? it seems to be more legit.