Thursday, February 18, 2010

I want to go outside and play

Not stay inside sewing. Why is it so hard to do something that you love so much? because it's still work, I suppose. I have the day off! I was sure I had to work today. Apparently not. I got to work on that top I vowed to finish yesterday...i didn't finish it, I talked on facebook instead. tricky facebook. So, it's almost done now, I need to go to fabric land and got a few things. I wish I had assistants to do my errands, and clean my house.
I spent the morning cleaning, it was very necessary. There is thread everywhere in here. Every time I get up to go to the bathroom there are three spools of thread following me. As soon as I turn around I'm hopelessly tangled - the thread has won again- but no more! I shall persevere, clean my space and save valuable time NOT angrily wading through fabric and patterns and dishes and thread.

Sigh. I wonder how much a maid costs? Not too much surly. I shall name her Gladys, and she can also make me pancakes when I request. Maybe you're not allowed to name your maids...i suppose they are different then pets...they already come with names... oh well, you can't have everything. Geoff and I are leaving for Invermere tomorrow morning. I'm excited. I hope it goes okay, sometimes I get antsy when I try to relax...trapped out in the fabric store, no starbucks, no 12 friends to have coffee with. Just my boyfriend. sigh. I'm just kidding, I'm sure we'll have fun. Y'know how when you see someone a lot you run out of things to talk about? That's more my concern. I hope he has a good time. Believe it or not this is our first get away (just the two of us) in the 4 years we've been together! I know, it is silly. We're just both really really busy. Right now Geoff is working at an oil and gas company doing accounting....or something, i dunno. He's also a personal assistant to a psychologist, and he's a full time student. Between us things like couple time and cleaning kinda take a back seat. This weekend we will recharge, it'll be lovely.

I want to make hats for my collection, but I don't really know how... I think I'm just gonna have to wing it (thats what I usually do) I need something like a thin mesh (like screen door mesh) thats kinda bendy and holds it shape... does anyone know of anything like that? maybe I'll go to home depot and see what I can find. Anyways, ta


  1. Yes! It's called buckram and it's actually for hat making. You used to be able to buy it at Olga's Fabrics, on Bow Trail & 42nd Street SW. Give them a call! JD :-)

  2. Thanks stranger! that's really helpful, I shall check there.