Monday, July 5, 2010

Fear of retaliation

Okay, so it's officially been a REALLY long time since I've blogged. I kept thinking about it and then got scared and then wouldn't. What was I scared of? retaliation? That's silly. It's not like my blog is going to angrily retaliate like ..library books, or student loans, or house plants, when you neglect them. . (okay, house plants don't really angrily retaliate, they just die....which is sad for both of us...and the books themselves don't either....just their bitter lenders..) I'm not a big fan of structure since I tend to be quite negligent (you may have noticed) I probably should never work in a bank...or a hospital... with my 'it's good enough, I'll finish later' attitude.

At least I'm aware of these follies. Anyways, the purpose of this blog is to talk fashion, and talk fashion I shall. I just (almost) finished a wedding dress for my hairdresser. She's getting married in a refurbished barn near Canmore. The dress is entirely lace, with a low back and deep V in the front. It's quite lovely, and looks really good on her. Her mom and grandma came over to see it last week and cried with happiness. I was really with most brides, mom's opinion means everything, luckily, Amy's mom loved the dress. Some minor changes and final fittings and I will have completed my first wedding dress! weeee. What next you ask, well if you must know I am making Geoff and I unicorn costumes for gay pride in Montreal. I've ordered baby pink and baby blue PVC vinyl online and am going to make them as soon as I get it. I'm going to be pink, geoff will be blue. I ordered the stupid fabric online and payed the astronomical shipping fees, only to the next day find the exact same fabric in the same colors at fabric land in the NE. I was so fucking mad. Anyways, I've enclosed a picture of the costume....

I realize I don't have this guys body... Although maybe if I carry my car to work and only eat celery for the next 3 weeks I might. But, if that doesn't happen, my current body will have to make due. What do you think bloggers? good idea? Any recommendations on how to make the hooves? I'm still trying to work that one out...


Kyle the Negligent.


  1. Go for it!

    His body is probably photoshopped/airbrushed anyways.

  2. The hooves look like gloves with a plastic attachment. Maybe even using spray painted yogurt containers snipped in half and carefully concealed hot glue on matching spray painted gloves would do it. You could put a little fun fur at the top of the hoof to make it blend in to the glove a little bit better, too.

  3. yogurt! thats a good idea, thanks farren

  4. you should just buy a seventies shirt with huge collar and cuffs then cut the cuffs off... tadah hooves. or you could just ask a unicorn to borrow his they pretty good with lending stuff. cept for dvd's cause all they ever have is fightclub anyway... man they love that movie, its good and all but still its not the be all end all of films.