Wednesday, May 26, 2010

been a while....

I got lost in my brain and haven't emerged in a couple weeks, sorry. This has been a confusing month. I finished my 40 day yoga challenge. Now I can float and buddha and I have tea on a higher plain of existence.

...well, not exactly I suppose. I can only float on weekends, and only during a full moon. This is what yoga teaches you-those of you who have never done it.

I jest of course. But it was enlightening. I feel........enlightened. Boy this isn't easily deciphered...I guess as I've said before, the journey is the goal. Finishing is rewarding, but it's not the goal. I really had serious up's and down's. I definitely crashed and burned one week in a big weepy mess,...but was pretty much okay after that happened. It forced me to look inward and reflect on what I really want for my life, my body, my well-being. I'm going to keep it up...not everyday, but several times a week. I like taking the time out of my day to connect. I think it will make me a better artist in the long run. Speaking of art....I made hats for jessica's wedding. They turned out really well I think. Very pretty. I now am working on a wedding dress for my hair dresser. It's pretty, off white lace....very flowy, I'll post pictures when it's done.

I'm also getting my head shots done tomorrow for that acting class I'm taking. I need to try and look....handsome. Tricky. I researched what to wear. Apparently solid bold colors work best, black for a more dramatic look ... *puts away sequence vest, and feather boa....* I was so wrong....

okay, now go make a wedding dress! but first get coffee and have a little nap and text dear friends and paint toe nails and have a sandwich and sweep the living room. Wait wait. make a wedding dress. why is this so hard?

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  1. Kyle, I saw Alice in Wonderland tonight, and thought of your dresses and how wonderful you are at what you do.