Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hello World Here Comes a Star! sorta

Okay first of all here's the link to the video of my collection.
I'm also posting a picture that Daniel Tremblay took of one of my hats. It's pretty eh? I love these hats. I'm working on some for Jessica's bridesmaids right now, although they're different (smaller) but still lovely I think.

I also have some off the wall news.....I've decided to get back into acting! I know I know. Focus kyle focus. follow through with your endeavors - becoming a fashion designer- trust me Geoffrey and Katia, I know I know. I just want to shake things up a bit and do something different. I did a diploma in theater when I was in college before I switched to and majored in visual art, so it's not like picking something up from scratch. I just haven't done it in a while, I put it down so I could focus on getting my degree in visual art, but now that I'm done school I thought why not go back and do this other thing that I love and miss so much.

I responded to an add in the paper and all of a sudden I seem to have an agent and am getting head shots done. I'm taking a class on how to audition for film (as it is different than theater) and here we go! I feel like the people in my life think I'm ridiculous, but I suppose it's not there life- it's mine. Jen knows that I used to act and wasn't totally bad at it. She was very encouraging of this I must say. She's my only close friend at present that has seen and enjoyed me on stage. No one else has because I haven't really done it in 5 years.

My awesome dad was really supportive too and has helped my personally and financially (otherwise there was no way I could do it) So with Dad and Jen's support I'm taking the leap! It's not that big of deal, I'm sure I won't be doing it all the time, and like Tiff and Ashley said (they were really excited and supportive too btw) it's not like I'm going to throw my sewing machine away just because I audition for a couple of roles here and there. I'll still do fashion week, and still work towards....something.

I just love most art forms and want to do them all! oh! I have to go, I have to write an epic poem and hula hoop for an hour before work,


feel free to give me your encouragement bloggers, go knows I'll need it!

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  1. Trust me everyone, Kyle was an amazing stage actor back home. Before he moved to Calgary our friends and family back home were split 50/50 on whether he should pursue Acting or his Fine Art practice because he did both so well.

    I'm happy to see you exploring this again Kyle :)